International Augmented Reality (AR) Education Foundation

Due to COVID-19, you may experience a long delay in our response. Thank you for your understanding.

Our Mission

Inspire creative thinking about our world and bringing augmented reality into people’s daily lives to bring limitless opportunities in connection, communication, and interaction with the world. 

Our Objectives

Provide educational opportunities to people to help them learn, create, and experience augmented reality.

Our focus is to make AR education easily accessible for people, especially young students, to learn and enjoy. We partner with schools, education organizations, and local communities to provide various learning opportunities for young students and interested people.



Since Summer 2019, we have partnered with Integem Inc. to offer Holographic Augmented Reality (Holographic AR) coding, STEM, and Art summer camps and educational programs for K-12 students, and enable them to learn Holographic AR coding, design, digital art, animation, game design, 3D modeling, outer space exploration, nature exploration, STEM and more. Registration for 2021 Holographic AR coding, STEM, and Art summer camp is open.




We organize annual AR Hackathons to encourage K-12 students to learn, explore, and create from one another. In 2021, AR Hackathon will be hosted online so everyone can join. 


K-12 Students who passed Level 2 AR coding/design at their age group will be eligible to participate in the AR Hackathon 2021. You need to apply through our partnering schools or certified education organizations.  


More information will be provided later. Please check back to learn more.

International K-12 Students' AR Design Competition 2021

Our 2021 International K-12 students’ AR design competition will be hosted online at the end of the Year 2021. 


Students who participated AR Design Competition in their own countries and received top rewards will be invited to participate in the International AR Design competition. 


More information will be provided later. Please check back to learn more.

Sponsorship and Donation:

We appreciate the sponsorship and donation from companies, businesses, and individuals. We accept cash donations and in-kind equipment donations.


Please join our organization becomes a volunteer to help our outreach to your community.

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